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School-wide Assessments

Reading: Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment (F&P)

One of the ways we assess students in reading is by using the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment (F&P).  Using the Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment equips us to determine student’s independent and instructional reading levels.  Teachers are able to observe student reading behaviors one-on-one, engage in comprehension conversations that go beyond retelling, and make informed decisions that connect assessment to instruction. 


The F&P assessments are conducted one-on-one, three times a year; in the fall, winter, and spring.  In Part 1 of the assessment, the student reads aloud while the teacher observes and notes the reader’s behaviors on carefully constructed forms. In Part 2, the teacher conducts a comprehension conversation where the student talks, in detail, about the story they just read.

Each assessment enables teachers to:

Determine students’ instructional and independent reading levels

Recommend a placement level for instruction

Form initial groups for reading instruction

Plan for efficient and effective instruction

Identify students who need intervention and extra help

Monitor and report student progress across a school year and grade levels

Assess the outcomes of teaching

Inform parent conferences.

Math: Add+ Vantage Math Recovery (AVMR)

Math teachers at Daniel Boone Elementary receive training in Add+Vantage Math Recovery (AVMR).  This professional development gives teachers a deeper understanding of how children’s thinking develops in mathematics.  This training also includes one on one interview assessments that provide evidence of student thinking in different areas.  This allows teachers to talk to students about math and directly observe their skills and strategies.

At different grade levels, students are given different tests including: number words and numerals, addition/subtraction, structuring numbers, place value, and multiplication/division. After gathering this data, teachers are able to help students move forward from their current skills and strategies. The assessments are used as a screener for all students in 1st and 2nd at least three times a year. Students in 3rd-5th grades take the assessments as needed. These assessments are also used for tracking progress of students receiving intervention in math.


Reading & Math: iReady Assessment

i-Ready is an interactive online learning program that helps students build essential skills in reading and

mathematics. i-Ready starts with an online Diagnostic test that students take three times per year to identify the specific skills each student needs to develop and measure academic growth through the school year. It also provides students with personalized online instruction and gives teachers guidance on how they can best support the needs of each and every student.  The Diagnostic provides comprehensive insight into student learning across multiple domains in the areas of Mathematics and Reading.

The Diagnostic covers these mathematics domains:  

The Diagnostic also covers these reading domains:

Teachers also use the Standards Mastery assessments to give insight into student mastery of grade-level standards throughout the school year.  Standards Mastery identifies specific needs for whole class or small group reteaching and remediation.  It determines misconceptions and common errors, giving teachers insight into why a student hasn't grasped a standard or set of standards.

Standards Mastery Details

Number and Operations

Algebra and Algebraic Thinking

Measurement and Data


Phonological Awareness


High-Frequency Words


Comprehension: Literature and Informational Text.  

Two assessment forms available per standard

6–10 items per assessment

15 minutes per standard, on average

Includes item types similar to those students see on state or consortium exams

Standards can be assigned individually or in groups

Administrators control assignment of assessments

Kentucky Accountability Testing (K-Prep)

As stated on the Kentucky Department of Education website, Kentucky’s new assessment and accountability system is under development. More details will be forthcoming.

Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), enacted in the 2009 Kentucky General Assembly, required a new public school assessment program beginning in the 2011-12 school year. These assessments were collectively named the Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress (K-PREP) tests.

The assessment for grades 3-8 is a criterion-referenced test (CRT)  consisting of multiple-choice (MC), extended-response (ER) and short answer (SA) items. K-PREP is based on Kentucky Academic Standards and customized for Kentucky.

NCS Pearson has been awarded the contract to provide all assessments for grades 3-8 and writing on-demand at high school.

NCS Pearson currently provides large-scale assessment services in more than 25 states and for the U.S. Department of Education.

Assessments by Grade Level:

Third Grade: Reading & Math

Fourth Grade: Reading, Math, & Science

Fifth Grade: Reading, Math, Social Studies, & On-Demand Writing