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School Nurse

Nurse Lori Stevens

The mission of the Madison County School District Health Clinic is to protect the health and well being of all students there by promoting student success. 


The School Health Clinic at Daniel Boone Elementary is operated by Nurse Lori Stevens. Nurse Lori can see any student that has a signed consent form on file, which are only good for one year.  Medications can be administered by the Nurse or trained office staff with a MCBE1 consent form signed.  Nurse Lori is here to assess sick students, treat injuries, monitor the school for possible health hazards, teach students good health/hygiene practices, monitor immunization certificates, health screenings (dental and vision), administer medications, teach staff about emergency procedures and special health conditions, write emergency plans for students, and provide care to students with health conditions that require specialized care, such as diabetes. 


On days when the school nurse is not available, trained school personnel can take temperatures, provide first aid, and give medications only if we have MCBE 1 form signed and medications are located in the medication cart. 




Nurse Lori Stevens


859-625-6070 x.1534

Nurse's Office is located inside the main office at Daniel Boone.


7:30 AM - 2:30PM


Schools Served:

Daniel Boone Elementary 


  • band-aids

  • boxes of tissues & paper towels

  • Liquid Tylenol or Motrin (Generic is fine.)

  • soft mints

  • 3 oz drinking Dixie cups (Generic is fine.)